Fly to your new home with Eagle Home Loans

You can also take money out of your equity and consolidate debt or use it to renovate a part of your house that was on your to-do list since you bought the house.

Veteran Owned and Operated, Eagle Home Loans is a Licensed and Registered Mortgage Broker in the State of Florida and your VA Home Loan Specialist. Based in Navarre, the company focuses most of its efforts in the counties of Santa Rosa and Okaloosa with particular emphasis on those serving in our army at Eglin Air Base and Hurlburt Field.

After serving in the US Army for eight years and completing two combat missions in Afghanistan, Anthony Quail started Eagle Home Loans in 2013. This was his first business after completing his military career.

He started the business in Tennessee serving the community of Fort Campbell and moved it to the Florida Panhandle three years ago.

Anthony is a one-man show and loves what he does. It offers all types of mortgages including conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA mortgage products.

“My heart and my specialty are really VA loans,” said Anthony. “It’s a community of people that I connect with, easily identify with.”

He said his military background helps him fill in the gaps and get a more holistic picture of a member’s mobile needs.

“When a client tells me about PCSing, about moving into the military, I fully understand the process,” said Anthony. “I understand the frustrations, I understand the benefits the military offers you to help you relocate.”

He enjoys talking to clients who are in the military and finding a connection.

“I can’t tell you how many times I spoke to someone and you were either parked in the same place at the same time or you were deployed at the same time together,” he said.

“Things that no one else in the world except a small community of people would recognize or understand. “
What sets Eagles Home Loans apart from other lenders is the personalized service.

“I meet clients where they are,” said Anthony. “You listen to their story and develop a mortgage for them that is right for them. “

Because Anthony recently moved to Navarre, he can relate to the process and offer insight.

Eagle Home Loans’ streamlined business model enables low interest rates without sacrificing customer service.

“When you get a lower interest rate, it allows you to buy more homes for the same price,” he said.

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