Granite Home Loans co-founder seeks Strathfield siege

Bridget Sakr, co-founder of Granite Home Loans, has been named the new Liberal candidate for Strathfield.

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet has confirmed financial services specialist Bridget Sakr will be the new Liberal candidate for Strathfield.

Ms Sakr has been an active member of the mortgage industry, having started her career as a graduate of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) before joining mortgage insurance provider Genworth in 2010 and then launching Granite Home Loans mortgage management company in 2018.

After tragically losing her daughter Véronique and her three cousins ​​in February 2020 after being killed by a drunk driver in Oatlands, Ms Sakr has been a strong advocate for improving road safety, which she says, will be at the center of her concerns if she wins the seat.

Ms Sakr said that although she had never aspired to be in politics, she was motivated to represent her community after she rallied around her family to support them.

At a press conference on Monday, December 20, Ms. Sakr said: “When tragedy strikes you, your perspective on life changes.

“I wanted to give back to the community. The community has done so much for me and my family … without them I wouldn’t be here today. So I want to have the opportunity to give and to have the opportunity to give. causes that fascinate me, such as safer, less congested roads with a heightened sense of personal responsibility for all road users. “

She also said that increased awareness of mental health care plans for people living with bereavement and trauma, and support for local businesses, would also be key goals.

Speaking of the new candidate, Mr Perrottet tweeted:

Cabinet reshuffle – new Minister of Housing

Mr Perrottet and Deputy Prime Minister Paul Toole also reshuffled the state government cabinet “to focus on realizing the NSW government’s vision for the state”.

The reshuffle – the first major change since Mr. Perrottet took over from former Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian in October – includes three new portfolios: Minister of Habitat; Minister of Cities; and Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology.

Anthony John Roberts assumes the new role of Minister of Housing, as well as that of Minister of Planning. He previously served as New South Wales Minister for Housing between 2017 and 2019.

He succeeds as the new Minister of Habitat Melinda Pavey, who was previously Minister of Water, Property and Housing but no longer sits in the cabinet.

Details of the Ministry of Habitat’s new portfolio had not been confirmed at the time of writing.

Overall, there are nine new ministers in the new 26-person cabinet, including four women.

The prime minister said the reshuffle provided “fresh energy at a critical time” as the state government navigates the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our new ministry is harnessing the experience, while enabling renewal and injecting new energy into the team,” said Perrottet.

“It’s a determined team, carefully trained to make our vision a reality. I expect every minister to work hard to improve the lives of people in our state at a critical time in our state’s history. “

“Four of our new ministers are women and we hope they will help inspire our next generation of leaders,” he continued.

“We have articulated our vision and the new portfolios demonstrate our commitment to providing more homeownership opportunities, our Six Cities strategy and great jobs through cutting-edge research, innovation and local manufacturing.

Mr Toole added that although the past three years have been among the most difficult in the history of the state, the government is now focused on recovery and building resilience.

“We have been through the darkest days, but we are focused on building stronger regional communities – stronger for their services, their jobs and the opportunities we are creating for this generation and the next,” Mr. Toole said. .

“Regional health has been at the heart of our government’s concerns from day one – and as a registered nurse of the bush, Bronnie Taylor will ensure that regional communities get the investment in hospitals and health services and the quality of care they deserve.

“The new Emergency and Resiliency Services portfolio combines our response and recovery efforts to ensure NSW can bounce back and lead our state to a better future.”

The new NSW firm is as follows:

  • Dominique Francis Perrottet First
  • Paul Lawrence Toole Deputy Prime Minister, Regional Minister for New South Wales, Minister for Police
  • Stuart Laurence Ayres Minister of Enterprise, Investment and Trade, Minister of Tourism and Sports, Minister of Western Sydney
  • Bronwyn taylor Minister of Women, Minister of Regional Health, Minister of Mental Health
  • Matthew John Kean Treasurer, Minister of Energy
  • Damien Francis Tudehope Minister of Finance, Minister of Social Relations, Vice-President of the Executive Council, Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council
  • Alister Andrew Henskens SC Minister of Skills and Training, Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology, House Leader in the Legislative Assembly
  • Bradley Ronald Hazzard Health Minister
  • Sarah mitchell Minister of Education and Preschool Education
  • Mark Raymond Speakman SC Attorney General
  • Robert gordon stokes Minister of Infrastructures, Minister of Cities, Minister of Active Transport
  • Victor Michel Dominello Minister of Customer Service and Digital Government
  • Anthony john roberts Minister of Planning, Minister of Housing
  • David Andrew Elliott Minister of Transport, Minister of Veterans Affairs
  • Natalie Peta Ward Minister of Metropolitan Roads, Minister of Women’s Safety and the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Kevin John Anderson Minister of Land and Water, Minister of Hotels and Shopping
  • Dr Geoffrey Lee Minister of Corrections
  • Natasha Maclaren Jones Minister of Families and Communities, Minister of Services for People with Disabilities
  • Samuel farraway Minister of Regional Transport and Roads
  • Stephanie Anne Cooke Minister of Emergencies and Resilience
  • Eleni Marie Petinos Minister of Small Businesses, Minister of Fair Trade
  • James henry griffin Minister of the Environment and Heritage
  • Marc Joseph Couré Minister of Multiculturalism, Minister of Seniors
  • Dugald William Saunders Minister of Agriculture, Minister for West New South Wales
  • Benjamin cameron franklin Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Minister of Arts, Minister of Regional Youth
  • Wendy Margaret Tuckerman Minister of Local Authorities

Granite Home Loans co-founder seeks Strathfield siege

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Last updated: December 21, 2021

Posted: December 21, 2021

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