Michael Borodinsky of Caliber Home Loans has made home ownership possible for over 39 years

Buying a home in this real estate market is no easy task, but it can be a stress-free process when you have a great support team by your side. As part of this team, you need to make sure you have a rockstar mortgage lender. Without the help of a quality mortgage advisor who has years of experience in mortgages, it is very difficult to close a deal in a historically difficult housing market.

For Michael Borodinsky and his team at Caliber Home Loans, he brings exactly that; years of experience, innovative thinking and strategic advice in real estate lending.

In 2021 alone, Michael Borodinsky was a President’s Club winner at his company, funded $349 million in loan volume and has been able to help more than 916 families achieve their homeownership goals.

For Michael and his team of mortgage professionals, it’s all about making an impact in people’s lives. “Who can we help next? said Borodinsky.

Whether it’s a small refinance or a large loan amount, one of Michael’s core values ​​instilled in his team is: “No loan too big, no loan too small”. This value means that her team doesn’t just deal in big ticket deals, and they really enjoy helping as many people as possible become homeowners, regardless of the loan amount.

A true, seasoned veterinarian and highly regarded mortgage professional since 1983, Michael has indeed seen it all. In the mortgage industry, he is best known for innovating the “Mortgage Team Concept” in 1991. And after spending time as a top loan officer at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, MetLife, Sun Home Loans and now Caliber Home Loans, Michael has been in the top 1% of original loan officers nationally for over 20 years.

It hasn’t been easy, and you certainly don’t achieve that kind of resume by being lucky.

Michael Borodinsky has immersed himself in the mortgage industry since graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree in finance and economics and learned as much about the industry as possible. And to this day, Michael still considers himself a student. A student of the mortgage and real estate world, that is.

“It’s an industry where things change every day, and you have to constantly be aware of what’s going on or you’re no longer your clients’ advisor,” says Borodinsky.

Because Michael’s knowledge and professional experience have made him a valuable resource in the real estate and finance community, Michael has delivered various housing seminars and had quotes included in publications such as the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Michael has lived in the tri-state area his entire life and enjoys being an active member of the New Jersey Builders Association. Michael has specialized in supporting the new home construction industry throughout his mortgage career, including condominium projects. With the backing of Caliber Home Loans products, Michael and his team can offer unique programs to fit this market segment, including 12-month rate protection plans and waived condominium pre-sale requirements.

And because Michael and his team have had such a significant impact on the new home construction industry, he was named the National Association of Home Builders’ Mortgage Professional of the Year for 2020.

These programs are quite unique in the world of mortgages and have allowed the Borodinsky team to carve out a particular niche, leading only to verified five-star reviews.

If you are looking to speak to a mortgage advisor, contact the Borodinsky team at Caliber Home Loans today and allow Michael and his team to assist you in the best possible way.

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