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WLTH, pronounced “wealth”, calls itself “the natural evolution of money” – find out how this online lender is changing the mortgage market.

Relatively new to the crowded Australian home loan scene, WLTH was registered as a business in early 2020 and launched its first home loans in early 2021. It aims to change the lending experience and of payment into a more positive experience.

What home loans does WLTH offer?

For residential real estate, WLTH offers mortgage loans in four key product lines – owner-occupied loans, investment loans, interest-only investment loans and SMSF investment loans. All four product lines carry variable interest rates and are available for new loans and refinancing.

The fees for all product offerings are low, often without administration fees. The maximum that owner-occupiers can borrow is 95% of the value of the property; for investors paying P&I it’s 90%, while for interest only it’s 80%; and for SMSF loans it is 70%.

How did WLTH start?

Drew Haupt2.jpg

The Brisbane-based non-bank lender was founded by brothers Brodie (pictured below) and Drew Haupt (pictured above).

“The idea for WLTH originated at Noosa Surf Club around a bucket of shrimp and beer,” co-founder Drew Haupt told

“After eight years in the FinTech space managing an umbrella of financial brands, we returned to the drawing board with the vision of creating a product to solve cash flow issues in competitive home, personal and small business loans.

“To do this, we have undergone years of planning, branding and software development using AI technology to create our products and services. Along with this, we have developed a comprehensive roadmap of future releases to reduce the time and stress attributed to finance.

“Following the success of our official market launch in early 2021, we have been fortunate to establish ourselves in the market by successfully offering commercial and real estate loans to clients across Australia, bringing us closer together more of this goal. “


What are the special WLTH features?

  • Fast digital application and approval: Customers can sign up in minutes, complete an application in 15 minutes, and get approved for a home loan in days, not weeks.

  • ‘E-offset’ account: The electronic offsetting account can be used against the home loan, reducing the amount of interest ultimately paid on variable home loans.

“Our very competitive mortgage rates and our seamless digital experience are what sets us apart from the rest. The result is a simple platform that allows you to track all of your assets and better manage your money, ”said Haupt.

“We are also proud to be a digital lender and believe our products refresh the financial services industry. This includes feature-rich transactional accounts, a powerful payment app, a high-value loyalty system, and an innovative fintech pipeline for Australian consumers and businesses. “

Why choose WLTH over other lenders?

“WLTH’s mission has always been to refresh the financial services industry in Australia while maintaining a strong focus on positive environmental change,” said Haupt.

“An important feature that sets our home loans apart is that they give clients the ability to have a direct impact on our oceans and create a more sustainable world.

“In addition, our loan specialists pay special attention to each client. Loyalty doesn’t necessarily matter a lot at big banks because of the large number of customers involved.

“At WLTH, we believe customer support is important and is our top priority. We are very proud of our team of loan specialists for their expertise and dedication to excelling in the lending industry. “

WLTH’s commitment to beaches and oceans

A program launched in 2021, WLTH has partnered with the global eco-organization “Parley for the Oceans”.

Included in the pledge, WLTH pledged to clean 50 square meters of beaches and coastline for each loan paid.

“Our product is aimed at a new generation of customers motivated by genuine and impactful commitments to environmental responsibility,” said Mr. Haupt.

“For the environmentally conscious, using WLTH not only exposes you to a range of financial products, but also allows you to put your money where your values ​​are.

“Many large banks maintain corporate social responsibility cosmetic policies, which contribute to plastic in the oceans.

“At WLTH, we want to make real change in our environment by committing to cleaning up our environment, with every loan paid. “

WLTH developments and roadmap

“WLTH has had a very successful period since our official market launch, achieving financial growth projections and partnering with brands that align with our mission,” said Haupt.

The next step is to officially become a bank – also known as an Authorized Depository Institution or ADI.

“We’re currently looking at the personal account space on the product front, with plans for a rewards program and a batch payment platform to connect businesses and vendors,” Haupt said.

“We also plan to develop credit card-linked facilities, highly secure corporate payment options and secure ‘buy now, pay later’ invoices.

“Stay tuned.”

How to apply for a WLTH home loan

Applying for a WLTH home loan is a simple five-step process and can take as little as 15 minutes:

1. To lend: Select your loan and enter the basic information

2. About you: Tell WLTH about yourself by entering more details

3. Returned: Link your bank accounts and proof of income

4. Assets: Identify other assets such as stocks, property, etc.

5. Expenses: Break down your expenses, such as bills, transportation, existing loans and debts, and more

To speed up the process, WLTH recommends uploading documents such as payslips and bank statements.

Head image by Luisa Denu on Unsplash

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