Some of the best home loans in June 2022

With interest rates having increased following the May 2022 cash rate hike and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) potentially looking to raise rates further in the future, it is important to compare and review carefully consider your options before applying for a new home loan or refinance. an existing mortgage.

In May 2022, the RBA raised the cash rate for the first time in over a decade, taking it by 25 basis points to 0.35%. The RBA said the cash rate could potentially rise by up to 2.5% and that the next hike may be steeper than the previous one, potentially up to 40 basis points, to help combat inflation.

With interest rates likely to rise, borrowers may want to compare other features and benefits of home loans to get a better idea of ​​the value they offer. A quick way to review some of the best mortgage options in different categories is to use RateCity’s home loan rankings. These charts rank home loans by their Real Time Ratings™ to show their cost and flexibility expressed as a simple star rating, updated daily.

(Rankings correct at time of publication. Please note that lenders may swap places on the list as interest rates and fees change and RateCity’s tracker reflects these movements.)

Some of the best packaged home loans

Borrowers who want to get more value from their mortgage may be interested in comparing home loan offers that combine not just a mortgage, but a transaction account, credit card and more. Some lenders also choose to offer cashback offers and other bonuses on their home loan packages, although it is important to weigh the potential value of the package against the cost of any annual fees that may be charged.

Ultimate home loan package


Borrow up to 110% of the property value using the guarantor feature


House Plus Package Annual fees reimbursed for the duration of the loan.

Some of the best green home loans

If you’re looking to buy a green home or refinance a mortgage and renovate your property to add more green features, green home loans may already be on your radar. Although these green home loans often have specific eligibility criteria, such as requiring your property to include sustainable features (e.g. solar panels, glazing, etc.) or meet a minimum star rating NatHERS, they often have lower interest rates and fees than some other traditional home loans.

Green real estate loan

Winner of Best Green Home Loan, RateCity Gold Awards 2022

Winner of Best Green Home Loan, RateCity Gold Awards 2022

Sustainable real estate loan

Winner of Best Small Deposit Home Loan, RateCity Gold Awards 2022

Winner of Best Small Deposit Home Loan, RateCity Gold Awards 2022

Some of the Best 5 Year Fixed Home Loans

Borrowers looking to lock in an interest rate to avoid having to repeatedly adjust their family budget as interest rates rise can consider fixed rate home loan offers. Keep in mind that although your interest rate is fixed from the time your loan is settled, the lender can always increase their rate between your initial application and their final approval, unless you choose to pay rate lock fee.

myBlue Home Loan (Fixed Rate) (Capital and Interest)

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